Stick 'Em Up

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Stick 'Em Up is available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for only
240 MS Points ($3.00 / 2,79 € / £2.04)

It's a 4-player run'n'gun shooting and platforming game. You should totally buy it, 'cos it has a ton of cool stuff:

  • Co-op gameplay for 1-4 players
  • Cars, helicopters and other vehicles to drive and pilot
  • Three distinctive weapons to use
  • 12 kick-ass levels
  • 1-4 player versus modes with or without teams on 4 unique maps

Box art You can find Stick 'Em Up in the Indie Games section of the Xbox LIVE Games Marketplace, or you can buy the game here on the web right now, and it will automatically download to your Xbox 360 next time you switch it on. If you're not convinced yet then there's also a free demo version that you can try.

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